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Energy Sector

DOVER - TECH, has strategic alliances in America and Europe, capable of offering products and services with the highest technology and quality to satisfy the demanding demands of the international energy market.


DOVER-TECH Radiological Protection Services has a primary mission in providing counseling for risks prevention from the usage of ionizing radiation in nuclear industry, as well as monitoring compliance with legal standards.

DOVER-TECH has a permit for the transport of radioactive material issued by the CNSNS (National Commission for Nuclear Safety and Safeguards) and a permit for the transport of materials, waste, remnants and hazardous waste by the SCT (Secretary of Communications and Transports).

In order to fulfill our mission, DOVER-TECH Radiological Protection Services will perform and accomplish the following tasks:

    • Technical advice on radiation protection in Nuclear Power Plant facilities.

    • Monitoring of the dosimetric control of the facilities (personnel and areas).

    • Management, monitoring and supervision of the disposal of radioactive waste.

    • Surveillance of radiological, administrative and legal protection standards.

    • Regular verifying performances from works on site.

    • Monitoring safety conditions for personnel in handling materials and equipments, as well as monitoring surveillance of radiation protection standards.

    • Assisting in development of procedures required for an accurate usage of materials and equipment.

    • Advisory on updating handbooks on radiation protection systems.

    • Monitoring on emergency plan on facilities.

    • Monitoring, enforcing procedures for decontamination procedures on facilities.


DOVER-TECH Radiological Protection Services and personnel are qualified and certified, and assumes the following statements:

Advisory on works performance related to radiological protection.

Coverage and surveys radiological inside and outside facilities.

Coordinating and assessments on facilities, supplying technical information required.

Training and relevant advisory to general personnel, and may be most directly affected by these activities.

Monitoring and surveillance from Radwaste removal from facilities.

Assessment the radiation hazards and risks from the operation of facilities and activities that must be developed.

Advisory to departments and centers requesting the construction and running up from facilities for radwaste storage.

Surveillance and control of personnel dosimetry.

Advisory in taking measures in any other problem related to radiological protection.